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So much happening of late!

Cornwall has been battered by storms since before Christmas twinned with some epic surf conditions has kept the wheels turning. A few of us ventured west at the height of the storm, witnessing some of the biggest waves and tidal surges i’ve ever seen. 

With an abundance of swell around and despite most places being maxed out, there are always some sheltered spots which served up some heavy beatings. 


Storm Of Britain

Decided I would head to the north coast to have a look at what was meant to be Britain’s biggest storm in however many years.. Quite disappointingly it was no where near what was predicted, but still managed to photograph a few images of some moody clouds, rough seas and people eager to catch a glimpse.


I’ve been away from the surfing scene for a while now due to commitments with mtb racing. This was the first time i’d photographed it in a very long time and was also the first time photographing surf with my new 5D . After switching from the 7D, i’ve seen a huge difference in quality, focusing and low light features!

Anyway.. Here are a few images I shot a couple weeks ago, the riders you see are Sam Brabyn, Alex Winkworth and Ishmael Hamon.

Nathaniel Stephens

This kid is 21 from the depths of West Cornwall, very underground but has style for miles! I’ve been lucky enough to spend time building trails and photographing the kids skills on a bike which is always a pleasure. With plenty of idea’s and locations to shoot some new bangers here are a few oldies to keep the stoke!

Became a tourist for the day


Fort William UCI Round 1 Downhill.


Spent a lot of time at Poldice Valley over the past year just photographing the boys rolling down some lines having a blast on reworked freeride trails. Found these whilst trawling my hard drive for website images.

Trails by phone.

Here are some photos of the trails which i’ve taken over time mostly when I didn’t have my SLR with me. They have come a long way over the last 8/9 months, looking forward to summer here! Enjoy. 


Every season either the Red Bull Pro Nationals or Maxxis Championship comes to the South West. Here are a few images that wont make the cut for my website. 

Organic Farming.

These are images from a project I did at Plymouth University on farming. This farm in Exeter supplied Sainsbury’s with organic chicken in the South West, along with Organic milk to Yeo Valley. At the opposite end of the scale we have intensive farming systems which ill be posting images of soon. 

Downhill World Cup Fort William.

Fort William, Scotland has been on the World Cup circuit for 10 years and regarded as one of the knarliest tracks. These are some images I took in 2012, and ill be looking to do the same a month today when the 2013 season starts on this very track.